The following are testimonials from businesses who have used CHOICE Inc. services:


“I would recommend using CHOICE, Inc. workers to another business. They are reliable and effective. The crew works independently and it doesn’t take much management effort on our part.”

— Rob Wingrove, Primera Technology


“The worker that we have here from CHOICE, Inc. is energetic, polite and helpful. His presence reminds others to be the same.”

— Renae Chesley, Bachman’s


“CHOICE keeps us on track to mail our newsletter monthly. I recommend them to other businesses all the time.”

— Elke Stephan, Keller Williams


“They offer quick turnaround and flexibility to work on whatever we need. We are always thinking of ways to utilize CHOICE more and more.”

— Graham Sievers, Fastenal


“It’s saving us a lot of labor. It’s giving people the advantage to work on other tasks. You wouldn’t believe the time it saves us. We enjoy having CHOICE here. Everyone does.”

— Supervisor Marlene Harty, Anchor Scientific


“Two times per year I am challenged to defend CHOICE for cost and quality. We get higher quality and better production for the five hours CHOICE, Inc. is here. I can justify the relationship by a quality, financial and productivity basis.”

– Kent Pitman, Sure Pak


“My day isn’t so bad once I see these guys. We’ve been more than pleasantly surprised.”

— Leon Smith, Sure Pak