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Policy Update:

CHOICE, Inc. will be implementing changes to policies and procedures affecting consumers’ service-related or protection-related rights under section 245D and those affecting maltreatment reporting policies and procedures. CHOICE, Inc. will provide all consumers, consumer’s legal representatives, and case managers a copy of the revised policies and procedures and an explanation of the revisions. Please contact CHOICE, Inc. at 952-474-9510 for a copy of these revisions.

Available policies include:

Policy on Reporting Maltreatment & Abuse

Grievance Policy & Procedure

Policy on Participant Rights

Risk Management Plan

Seizure Plan of Care

Participant Funds

Release of Information 

Health Related Authorizations

Service Record

US DOL Factsheet #39B

The abo listed policveies and procedures are provided upon service initiation.  Copies of all policies and procedures under 245D.04 are available upon request to consumers or the consumer’s legal representatives, case managers, the county where services are located and the Commissioner.