CHOICE, Inc. understands that through meaningful work individuals build self-esteem, connect with their peers and contribute to society. CHOICE offers a variety of ways to achieve these successes by facilitating employment placements that fit the unique skills and desires of each individual. Participants may have an independent job in the community, work in teams, earn wages on site at our buildings, or any combination of the three. Whether it be working full time, part time, or temporarily, we will assist individuals in pursuit of their employment goals.

Process: CHOICE, Inc. professional staff will work with individuals every step of the way to help them achieve their employment pursuits. The process begins by discussing career goals and desires, as well as assessing past experience and skills. Based on this information, our staff will help participants to create a resume and learn interviewing skills. We also offer classes and personal coaching on site at our buildings to help develop specific skills in preparation for a job search. If an individual isn’t sure what interests them, staff will arrange for tours and opportunities to try out a variety of our existing community job sites to ensure well-matched employment. After an individual is employed, our staff will provide on-going follow up to help continue to advance skills. CHOICE, Inc. continually looks for and facilitates new opportunities with our existing employer partners as well as new businesses.

Independent- In this employment model, individuals have independent jobs within the community. CHOICE, Inc. professional staff work with individuals to discuss career desires and assess skills to ensure well matched employment. Individuals work alongside their peers in a wide variety of community businesses ranging from large companies to small businesses. CHOICE staff will assist with initial on-the-job training, and then provide follow up based on the needs and desires of each individual, all the while encouraging career growth and development.

Employment Team- In this employment model, individuals work in various settings as part of a team. Team members have independent tasks within a job environment, and receive the on-going support of a CHOICE, Inc. Job Coach. Each individual earns their own wage, and Job Coaches work with individuals to advance their skills and abilities to reach their full potential. CHOICE, Inc. has partnerships with many businesses within the community ensuring that a wide variety of jobs are available to explore 


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