Every CHOICE Matters: What it means to be an employee of CHOICE, Inc.

For the people we serve because they deserve nothing less:

  • Every day I come to work with the mission, "to provide adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunities and support they desire to reach their full potential in employment and personal pursuits," as my guiding principle for all my decisions and actions while at work.
  • I provide opportunities to each and every client.
  • I treat each and every person I interact with the dignity and respect that they deserve.
  • I am sensitive and caring to others needs and desires.
  • I encourage each participant to be all that they can be.
  • I advocate for the rights of the clients we serve.
  • I provide and create programs that are engaging and skill building for the clients.

For all that I come in contact with through my employment with CHOICE

  • I act with integrity and know what ethical conduct is expected of me in my role at CHOICE, Inc.
  • I present myself in a professional manner by the way I communicate.
  • I speak about CHOICE and the people we serve in a positive manner.
  • I support all of my co-workers and the administration, because I know that by doing so will help them do their best for CHOICE, Inc.
  • The way I dress presents myself in a professional manner.

For myself because I am an employee of CHOICE

  • I am a problem solver.
  • I strive to be an extraordinary employee rather than just ordinary.
  • I am flexible and willing to adapt to new circumstances.
  • I am willing to listen as I seek to understand the point of view of others.
  • I seek self-improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • I live the message of "Every CHOICE Matters".

I know that I have been employed by CHOICE, Inc. to provide outstanding customer service to all of our customers; clients, their families, residential providers, funders, employers, and county personnel. I know I will be supported in my effort. As an employee of CHOICE, Inc. I support the mission and bring the vision of "Every CHOICE Matters" to life in my daily work. It is my purpose and responsibility. It is why I am here.